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Wow, Antivirus Microsoft Windows 10 tersedia di Linux

Microsoft baru saja mengumumkan ketersediaan layanan Microsoft Defender ATP untuk Linux beberapa bulan setelah perusahaan tersebut meluncurkan aplikasi preview buildnya

“Menambahkan Linux pada daftar paltform yang didukung secara nativ di Microsoft Defender ATP menjadi penanda penting bagi para konsumen. ini menjadikan Microsoft Defender Security Center mampu monitoring dan memanage segala bentuk layanan security pada desktop dan server.

Microsoft Defender ATP untuk Linux saat ini telah mendukung 6 distro linux server:  

  • RHEL 7.2+
  • CentOS Linux 7.2+
  • Ubuntu 16 LTS, or higher LTS
  • SLES 12+
  • Debian 9+
  • Oracle Linux 7.2

Microsoft’s love for Linux

Microsoft focusing more on the Linux ecosystem isn’t necessarily surprising, as the company is makes huge efforts to expand in this world.

And the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which is currently at the second generation in Windows 10, is the living proof in this regard, as it allows users to run Linux on top of Windows. The new version that debuted with the May 2020 Update (or version 2004) also comes with a Linux kernel, and the most popular distributions are already available, including Ubuntu.

The new antivirus is supposed to offer a full command line experience on the client, but what admins need to know is that installing the Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux requires a Microsoft Defender ATP for Servers license.

The company says it plans even more improvements for Linux, and more announcements would be shared rather sooner than later.

“We are just at the beginning of our Linux journey and we are not stopping here! We are committed to continuous expansion of our capabilities for Linux and will be bringing you enhancements in the coming months,” the company explains.

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Hal tersebut di atas sudah menjadi bukti bahwa kedepannya Microsoft semakin mesra dengan Linux

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